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Chris Chetty, a native of Scarborough, Ontario, has consistently pursued ambitious goals throughout his life. At the age of 13, he commenced part-time work with the Toronto Star, showcasing a determination to achieve early independence. His journey led him to a dynamic working environment with the Toronto Blue Jays, setting the stage for a diverse career path.

Over the years, Chris has amassed valuable experience in Corporate Sales, Managerial Roles, and Project Management. Transitioning into his 30s, he explored his passion for disc jockeying and promotional event creation, ultimately establishing a successful entertainment brand that specialized in serving wedding and corporate clients.

Following a stint with the Toronto Police Service and obtaining his mortgage agent license, Chris strategically leveraged investment opportunities, resulting in the creation of a Family Office Fund. This fund now manages a portfolio of diverse assets, reflecting Chris’s adept financial acumen.

Today, Chris Chetty is on a mission to challenge conventional perceptions of financial literacy. He is dedicated to providing unique solutions that go beyond the mainstream, offering unparalleled opportunities to a broader audience. His multifaceted journey and commitment to innovation underscore his position as a dynamic and forward-thinking professional in the investment business landscape.


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