Forge the Future: Investing in Companies For Our Tomorrow

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A Look Into The Future

At Chetty Group, we pride ourselves on identifying and nurturing companies at the forefront of innovation and market disruption. Our strategic investments span diverse industries, each selected for its potential to revolutionize its sector and deliver substantial returns.

AFL 2024 Season Kickoff

The Arena Football League is back! Discover what’s in store for the 2024 season, including new teams, exciting matchups, and the thrilling return of arena football action.

Psychedelic Research and Development

Get insights into our support for the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.

Future Edge Ventures: Cultivating Tomorrow's Innovators Today.

Future Edge Ventures, a dynamic arm of Chetty Group, is pioneering the forefront of technological innovation by focusing on critical sectors like AI, Enterprise Software, IoT, E-Commerce, Cybersecurity, Mobility, AgTech, Gaming, and Robotics. With the fund now open, we invite institutional investors to join us in shaping a future where technology transcends traditional boundaries, driving unparalleled growth and transformation across industries. Our commitment to identifying and nurturing groundbreaking ventures offers a unique opportunity for strategic investment in the technologies that will define our world.


Core Sectors

Chetty Group is committed to identifying and invigorating sectors where innovative startups are primed to redefine current markets and establish entirely new realms of opportunity.

Biotech Breakthroughs

Explore the next wave of medical innovation powered by Chetty Group's biotech ventures.

Sports Technology

From legislation to innovation, understand how we're leading investments in the ever-evolving cannabis industry.

Global Startups, Local Impact

How Chetty Group selects global startups with the power to make substantial local impacts.

Shaping Tomorrow's Market Leaders

Chetty Group is pioneering fresh horizons in the business world. We’re all about championing bold ideas and ambitious ventures that have the power to shift paradigms and fuel lasting progress.

Research & Publications

Advancing the technological frontier is underpinned by rigorous research and insightful publications. Delving deep into the latest market trends, innovations, and regulatory changes.

Investing in the Next Wave of Technological Breakthroughs

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We tap into the pulse of the global economy, using sharp, data-focused tactics to spot diverse market gems.


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